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Allergy Treatments

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Allergy Relief Treatment

The more you are exposed to allergens, the more likely you are to experience symptoms ranging from sneezing to itchy, watery eyes. Common indoor allergens include dust mites and pet dander. Indoor allergens can settle into carpets and upholstery, creating problems for family members that are sensitive to them.

Fast Relief From Allergy Symptoms

Imagine waking up with clear sinuses as soon as tomorrow. At Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning of Clarksville, we use a patented allergy relief treatment to safely and efficiently:

  • Remove up to 98% of all indoor allergens from these surfaces
  • Provide relief quickly — possibly even the same day

Safe Allergy Relief Treatments

Families with small children and pets can benefit from our unique allergy treatments. The products we use are derived from natural plant sources. They are also formulated to be hypoallergenic and incredibly gentle for even the most sensitive individuals. In addition to being non-toxic, they are free from dyes, perfumes, phosphates and VOCs — not to mention any other potentially hazardous materials. Each treatment is virtually odor-free, too, so you won’t have to worry about a lingering smell.

Beat Indoor Allergies

Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning of Clarksville is ready to help you take charge of indoor allergens. Contact us today to learn more about how our allergy treatments can help you.

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Ideal For

  • Cleaning Dirt
  • Removing Grime
  • Eliminating Odors
  • Extracting Existing Cleaning Solutions


Off Pet Urine Removal

  • Safe for Pets
  • 1 Hour Dry Time
  • Residue Free
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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For 3 Rooms Cleaned

  • Covers 450 sq. Feet
  • Problem Stain Removal
  • Exact Appointment Times
  • Residue Free
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Off Area Rug Cleaning

  • Covers 800 sq. Feet
  • Same Day Appointments
  • Professional Technicians
  • Hypo-Allergenic
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Off Antibacterial Sanitizer

  • No Hidden Charges
  • Same Day Appointments
  • Professional Technicians
  • Hypo-Allergenic
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